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A Testimonial from Natalie

Jesse is the type of artist that makes you feel like your individuality is valued in the world, a quality that many artists lack.

Living in downtown Atlanta, the market out here is so saturated that I was not satisfied until I ran across Standard Ink and Jesse. His personality and eye for detail sets him apart from most.

Having already a chest piece started by another artist in Santa Barbara, California, I was looking to add roses to the sides. Jesse understood right away the type of roses which I wanted and made sure that everything was balanced while tattooing. He makes you feel comfortable, has amazing musical taste which also helps with the comfort, and keeps the conversation flowing.

I plan to go back the next time I’m in Chattanooga to have him continue working on my chest piece. This isn’t an artist you can find just anywhere, he truly is someone who will stand out in your memory. (from Standard Ink)

A Tattoo Testimonial from Will

Hey, I wanted to throw a testimonial Jesse’s way:

I decided to get a tattoo of a phoenix with a “cause ribbon” in the flames. Jesse helped me draw it up and do the ink. I couldn’t be happier with his work. He’s an awesome guy, he’s incredible at what he does, and he just takes care of his people. If you’re in Chattanooga, find Jesse at Standard Ink–you won’t be sorry.

Jonathan's Testimonial

Jesse has done 2 of my tattoos so far, and as long as I know where he’s operating out of, I’ll never go to anyone else to get any more of my tattoos.

My most recent one, was a dragon he designed himself. I was out on the road (I drive a truck) when I made my appointments, and I didn’t know what my tattoo was going to look like until the night I had it done.

I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was impressed to the utmost. By the time he was through with it, it looked like something out of a Boris Vallejo painting.

Both of the tattoos I’ve had from Jesse have always healed up very nice, and half the fun is sitting there shooting the bull with Jesse for a few hours while getting a tattoo.

I send as many people his way as I can, because I know they wouldn’t be disappointed.

A Testimonial From Matt

Jesse first in for most is the funniest person i’ve met in quite some time. He helps take the focus off the pain. He did excellent work. I’m going back tuesday to get another tatoo by him.

He did the tattoo on the right on me in two sessions taken from the art work of the saves the day album In Reverie. What impressed me the most is he didn’t even do a stencil on the grass – just free handed it perfect.

I call anytime i even get a tatoo idea and he’s always willing to sit and talk about the best placement and colors. Through our weird sessions i have dubbed jesse my lifetime artist. (from Standard Ink)

A Testimonial From Shellie

I absolutely adore Jesse and his work. I would highly recommend him to anyone! This was my first tattoo and he made me feel very comfortable during the process. I will definately return for my next tattoo.

Tattoo Testimonial - Shann sez

Jesse Rox Me!! LOL. Seriously, this guy is so talented at what he does. He has currently done 5 of my tats and we have many more planned out. I always tell anyone I know who is thinking of getting a tatt to go to Jesse. I know I’ll be going as long as I have room on my body for more.

Remember, a lot of how your tattoo looks is in your hands!! Aftercare is just as important as the tattoo procedure itself.