Tattoo Aftercare

Helpful Hints for Healing

There are a lot of different methods given for the care of your new tattoo but the healing principles are the same. In St. Augustine, we do have long summers & salt air but our tattoos heal just fine.

The First Day

Your tattoo artist will cover your new tattoo with a non porous material such as saran wrap or a non absorbent gauze bandage right after the tattoo has been applied. This is done to promote faster healing by creating a “second skin” and to keep the tattoo from forming any scabs.

Removing the Bandage

The bandage can be removed as soon as one hour or as late as the next morning. Your tattoist will usually have a recommendation for you. The most important thing for you to do after the bandage is removed is to WASH the tattoo.

Washing Your New Tattoo - The First Three Days

The best suggestion for the first three days is to gently run water over your tattoo (set the shower to a low pressure rinse) and wash your skin gently with the fragrance-free soap of your choice.

Yes… this will be a little unpleasant, but the first 3 days are the prime time for your body to scab, so it is important to wash your tattoo once or twice a day for two to three solid minutes or until it feels like a slimy film has come off of the tattoo. When you gently pat your skin dry afterwards you should notice that whatever scab was forming is now gone or lessened and that the tattooed area is more smooth.

Tattoo Aftercare Products

Do Not Apply Any Product that has been previously opened, or if the safety seal is broken. Do NOT share tattoo aftercare products. Do Not use a product given to you from a friend.

Immediately after washing your tattoo gently apply a thin layer of Aquaphor or fragrance free Aveeno which are the most frequently recommended products. Please do not smother the tattoo with lotion.

Tattoo Aftercare Day Four & Onward

Now is best time to switch from a heavy ointment to a fragrance free lotion. By day four your tattoo should not feel as raw as it did the first three days.

Tattoo Scabbing

Scabbing is common. Redness and swelling are common. Don’t freak out. Just repeat the washing and application of lotion as outlined above. Actually you can apply lotion as often as

When to Worry

There’s not too much that can go wrong with your tattoo. Some people experience heavy and prolonged scabbing.

If there is some fading of color this is normal. Most artists will go over a tattoo in 4 to 6 weeks to brighten or darken your design if need be.

If you have any metal allergies you should get a spot test done by the artist of your choice before getting your tattoo. Please keep in mind that you should research your tattoo shop for cleanliness. It is OK to ask if they are inspected by the health department.

Here at Pegasus Gallery, we offer an environment that is clean, sanitary and sterile. We go above and beyond regulations and standards to offer the safest environment possible. We are licensed by the Duval County Health Department for tattooing. However if you need to watch the sterilized packages be opened in front of you, feel free to ask.

Its next to impossible for the transmission of disease to occur during your tattoo if you are in a good tattoo parlor, owned and staffed by trained professionals.

Aftercare Tips

Too much lotion, sweat, or submersion in water for over three minutes could cause your tattoo to fade or, if there are scabs on it, the scabs to come off prematurely. If the scabs come off before the ink heals into the skin you’ll have a spot of color missing.

Please do not tan before your tattoo appointment, as your color will fade and if you are very tan your color might not show up at all.

If you have to tan, put sun block on the area that you’ll be tattooed in, or better yet, protect the area (cover the area) from the sun.

Foot tattoos are beautiful. If you’d like a tattoo on your foot, please be aware that for the first three or four days afterwards shoes, sweaty feet and water will fade your tattoo. So wear Crocs, flip flops, or better yet, go barefoot please!!

Remember, a lot of how your tattoo looks is in your hands!! Aftercare is just as important as the tattoo procedure itself.

I give free touch ups by appointment only, one month after the tattoo has been applied.

Happy healing,